We are IP9

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We are IP9

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About us

Stories that inspire and encourage us are born here; stories that attract and entertain. We want to inspire our audience to create relevant and important content. Our objective is to have a space to create content that live, that connect with you and future generations.

We want to collaborate with you, find synergies, ideas and inspirations. It is about working together as a team bringing great stories to life. Whether it is a commercial, a TV show, a movie or any other type of audiovisual project, if you connect with our team, we will do our best to make this happen. We will exceed expectations. Together, we will create content that matters.

We are located in a strategic area; we have a large space and 10 studios to support the different local and international productions offering you an integral space perfectly conditioned and fit to satisfy all your ideas and needs.


For us, productions are the beginning and the closure of a great project. We focus ideas through quality productions with the support of the various communication tactics that are part of any project.

The future

It is going beyond the standard format of a recording studio. We want to become a creative center where directors, artists, bands and producers can develop their talent through this great community.


  • The artist is at the center of the process.

  • The past inspires us to invent and create but we are always seeking to innovate.

  • Producing is not a mix, it is not niche, it is a means by which projects generate an impact on society.


Culturally Responsible Company

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